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StarCrawlers is a modern take on a classic dungeon crawling CRPG with a cyberpunk flavor. The central story involves a massive colony ship, the Stella Marin, that has drifted into your sector on the fringes of space, its colonists and crew mysteriously vanished. You run a crew of freelance adventurers, and you'll investigate the ship and its strange history as you take on jobs from powerful megacorps all of whom have their own agendas regarding the ship and its secrets. You'll also get plenty of jobs that take you off the ship, to raid corp facilities, other ships, and even planets. The Narrative AI procedurally generates missions and maps based on your past decisions, reputation with various factions and a ton of different factors. Whether you're raiding a pirate hulk or extracting data from a corp, your dungeon will be custom built to match with interactive environments, traps, loot and enemies. StarCrawlers features strategic RPG style combat with a time unit based action system.

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