Sometimes Always Monsters

Sometimes Always Monsters

About the Game

Sometimes Always Monsters is the antithetical follow-up to narrative RPG, Always Sometimes Monsters. In SAM, you take control of a recently published and married author who has obtained everything they've ever wanted out of life. How long will it take before it all falls apart somehow?Uncertain of what to do at the apex of your experience, you join a band of similarly situated authors for a cross-country tour to promote your works. Together you face the struggle to find inspiration in an environment that necessitates shunning the life you are supposed to be living. As your relationship with these individuals strengthens, and their faith in your character resolves, your choices will forever impact their lives. All the while, a grim shadow from the player's past works to undo all that they have accomplished and jeopardize their future. As rumors circulate, alarming revelations about the past surface. Suspicions grow as your integrity becomes the subject of a malicious public inquiry, orchestrated by an unseen figure bent on shattering your world. Why would anyone wish you such harm? That's a question, only you can answer.

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