Death Squared

Death Squared

About the Game

Death Squared is a game about constantly evolving cooperation. Two cuboidal robots have one job each: stand on their circles without accidentally destroying one another. Each level is a puzzle with a deceptively simple solution. They can be solved in moments, but analyzing and figuring them out is down to the players' communication and problem solving skills.It's like trying to put IKEA furniture together. Stressful but rewarding once you complete it.Features:- 2 Player co-op core experience with additional single player and 4 player modes.- Simple and intense gameplay as you try to solve the puzzles while not dying- Co-operation is key, don't let it turn Co-ompetitive- Players are their own worst enemy- A control scheme that is surprisingly 'unhelpful'We expect to have around 80-100 levels by release time and we'll look to roll the same 5 minute level sampler at the show like we did at PAX East.

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